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John Fisher

IT Support Professional

Westway IT are a Gloucestershire based IT company specialising in delivering IT solutions to micro and small businesses.

Our Services Include:

  • IT support remote and onsite
  • Professional email & file sharing solutions
  • Server monitoring & network management
  • Security, backup and recovery solutions
  • Hardware sales & upgrades

MS 365, Cyber Security

Area of Expertise
Free IT check

229 Bristol Road

Westway IT provide IT support & solutions to small businesses across Gloucestershire & surrounding areas. We supply, install & maintain IT systems & hardware including workstations, laptops, mobile computing, servers, storage & networks. We support your business on site and remotely supported with our business platforms which actively monitor and help manage your networks for potentional issues, security and protecting your data. We also provide Microsoft’s Office 365 business suite for email, file sharing, Office & useful business tools.

We offer a free IT check to local businesses to help you get the most from your IT by seeing how we can help you achieve. #poweringit

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Very many thanks to John of Westway IT. He has ensured we are GDPR compliant, as safe as we can be from viruses and hackers, all our staff are able to work on everything they need to across all our machines and devices. Our hardware is sufficient for our needs and didn't cost the earth. It was all set up for us and ready to go. I didn't need to spend days downloading, uploading, loading software etc etc.

When we need help he responds absolutely immediately within minutes! He doesn't make us feel stupid or we are a nuisance. He doesn't befuddle us with jargon and gets the job done and any problems sorted.

I am confident that he is looking after us and enables me to concentrate on making a living rather than spending hours trawling through the internet looking for answers. He provides several solutions to problems and then whittles those down to the solution which will suit our systems, environment and budget.

I would recommend John and Westway IT. He knows his craft and we are now working in a much more streamlined, efficient and definitely speedier way. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and then wonder why you haven't done it before (but I didn't know John then!). But above all else John and Westway IT give me enormous peace of mind.

Thank you John.

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The new Data Protection Regulations introduced in May meant that I had to change the diary app I was using. I was disappointed because I had a lovely system set up whereby I could email clients a link to my diary and they could select their own date and time slow, reducing the need which sometimes arose to try and co-ordinate thee or even four people’s diaries by way of emails or text messages — a truly tortuous process. It also sent automatic reminders meaning I experienced far fewer "no shows" than in the past.

I am an Office for Business user and absolutely love the face that the data is stored in the UK, fully encrypted while and transit and being store, and I can log into my client’s files using my data or iPad wherever I am — in their home during a meeting, in my car with a spare half hour to kill, or sitting the Dentist’s waiting room (she’s always running late!). It has revolutionised the efficiency of my business.

I discovered it was possible to set up a similar diary booking system within Office 365 to the one I had been using via the Microsoft Bookings app. Unfortunately, as with most software written by Microsoft it proved to be less than simple to get up and running. I consider myself intelligent and perfectly capable of finding pretty much any information I need via internet searches, but I had reached the end of my tether and was wasting more time than was sensible trying to get this working myself.

"John to the Rescue" - he logged into my machine remotely, changed a few settings, and half an hour later I was up and running with my new diary booking system. It really couldn’t have been simpler. Next time, I won’t waiting until I am ready to throw my machine out of the window — I will simply call John at Westway IT and let all the stress ebb away!

- Wyefield Wealth Management, Wyefield Wealth Management

I would like to thank John from west way IT for helping me with setting up a second email account and improving processes for my business.

John is a very knowledgeable guy, his knowledge and experience covers many areas, nothing is too much trouble for him.

If you use IT in your business I would strongly advise you ask John around to look at your processes and systems I am 100% sure he will at value to your business .

He offers competitive range of ongoing service solution's to which I have agreed to sign up, he offers personal informal service and a friendly approach.

Thank you again John for adding value and offering great support I am really pleased to have you on my business team and will make sure my clients and business colleagues are informed about your skills and business solutions on offer.

- Lancett & Co, Mortgage and Income Protection