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Simon Clarke

Business Coach

With over 10+ years’ experience of running his own companies there are few challenges Simon has not faced. Whether your problem is time, money, team or direction he has the first-hand experience to help you find the path to follow. A living example of an ActionCOACH client and still an owner of 3 successful businesses across the globe, Simon can coach you to creating a business which runs not only for you, but without you. Allowing you the time and space to follow your dreams, whether that be a new challenge, or your feet up on the beach! ‘What I love to do is talk about business, and to help others’. Simons skills, passion and l ability for business and helping others through business coaching make him a natural and he looks forward to these conversations about your businesses old and new every day.

We work with anyone! Whether you are an SME facing a growth challenge, a solopreneur struggling with strategy or a successful high high-growth business looking for your next steps we can help!

Area of Expertise
Real People, Real Business, Real Results

31 Worcester Street

Put simply our mission is to help. To help our community to thrive by building profitable and growing businesses with happy, energised, and satisfied owners and teams. Your success is our success, so contact ActionCOACH Gloucester today to start your journey to happiness!  We have developed an world class array of workshops, seminars and services to fit the needs of virtually every business. These programmes are designed to develop you as a business owner in order to increase profit and productivity, and cover a range of skills including business planning, sales and marketing planning, team engagement and communication – amongst many other things. Whether you would be interested in our workshops or beginning a 1 to 1 coaching relationship with us we would love to hear from you.