Testimonial for ADFitness

My husband had been struggling with back and leg pain for quite a while - he had been referred to physio through the dr and had had various scans on his discs and then more physio, but the pain never really goes away.  It is aggravated by driving and disturbs his sleep and is generally always there.

He has been for 2 sessions with Chris at ADFitness and is already sleeping much better.  He is walking more comfortably and not complaining of pain.

Chris took the time to look at the problem as a whole, so other conditions, like diet, exercise and lifestyle all impact on physical pain.  Although previous physio has unsuccessfully treated my husband’s lower back, Chris has been looking around the neck and shoulders in particular and my husband has already felt a significant improvement in movement and has less pain.

Thank you Chris for taking the time to find a solution and for making my husband feel that he can get better and that he doesn’t just have to put up with the pain.

Highly recommend you to anyone who has pain they put up with because they think they have to.

Thank you 

Jacqui Lewis-Everley